“I was very happy and satisfied to have chosen Mariska as the photographer for a True Self session.
Her work is superb, and she put me at ease during the shoot.
She is a truly sympathetic professional person and the result is simply magnificent!”

About the photographer:

I am Mariska, welcome to my little universe.

Here it is all about authenticity, true emotions and the natural flow of moments.

In addition to being a passionate photographer, I am a wife, an auntie, a godmothera traveller, an adventurer, and I absolutely love dogs!

I speak English, French and Dutch fluently and most of my vocabulary consists of quotes from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. tv-show.

I would describe my work as romantic and sentimental with a hint of nostalgia. I like to commemorate real emotions and when I do so, I add my own touch - which is inspired by my love and yearning for an analogue lifestyle.

As a wedding photographer I build a connection with the couples in front of my lens. The trust created between us will allow me to capture your true love and emotions. That's why I like to know everything about you and have a drink with you before your big day. I want to be more than your photographer. I want to be your friend.

Have a look around, don't hesitate to send me a message! I am looking forward to meeting you..

Photographing in Bled, Slovenia.

About Utopia:

Utopia isn't perfection. It isn't posing and "say cheese".

Utopia is about nostalgia and creating memories... Capturing a story. I'd like to capture true moments, however flawed they may be.

Sometimes one blurry image evokes more emotion than all the rest of them.

How I work:

I am here to ease you into your (first?) professional photo session.

You definitely do not have to be a professional model to have pictures taken. Pictures you can show your friends and family with all the pride in the world saying

"That's me! Isn't that a great picture?"

We'll meet, have a chat, go for a walk or a dance.. No pressure!

I am here to capture a story, so no uncomfortable posing! If you don't feel ok with something, we'll switch it up until we have found you style.

Want to know more?

I grew up in the most Northern part of the Netherlands, in a little village in the middle of farm lands. I always knew I wouldn't stay and grow old there, but I always love to go back for some nostalgic vacations and family barbecues.

Traveling is one of my greatest passions. The world calls out to me.

Ever since I was a little girl I felt like I needed to go explore. And that is exactly what I did.

For most of my adult life, I travelled the world - lived in the most exotic places. Such as the Caribbean, Thailand and Australia.

In 2019 I married the love of my life. I met him 10 years prior, when I was only 18 and I left my home country to go working in the South of France.

We took our sweet time to get to know each other, grow up to be (sort of) responsible adults and travel the world. And finally had a small wedding in Brussels - surrounded by our closest friends and family.

Some random photos of my life.

1000 Brussels

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