Deluxe Albums

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Add an album to your gift registry. Add my name and contact details, we'll take care of the rest.

I am collaborating with a wonderful Dutch book binding company that binds these amazing sturdy albums with a hard cover of quality linen and a flat back. The pages lay flat so you can enjoy your memories the way these images were meant to be seen.

Opt for standard semi-glossy photo paper for great printing quality or the fine art paper. The matte look of the Fine-art paper displays your photos in a beautiful timeless way. Fine art books are pleasant to view as they do not reflect the light at all. Fine-Art paper feels soft and smooth. Your photos are not affected by the colour of the paper as this paper is completely white.

(23x30cm, silver embossing on Coated Linen. Colour: Champagne.)

I intendedly chose to use linen and velvet covers, because it is cruelty-free. Let me hear you say “yay!”

Numerous colours are available for the albums, including a selection of natural light colours.

It is also possible to emboss text on the cover of the album: Letter embossing is placed with physical bronze letters. (Imagine an old-time newspaper press.)

The letters are inlaid by hand and then pressed into the album cover while heated.

Or choose for a personalized laser engraving, designed by myself. (Read on to see more.)

(25x25cm, personalised cover design by utopia laser engraved on Velvet. Colour: Rose.)

You have the option to add a matching box to stow away your beautiful memories and keep them safe. All boxes are handmade to exactly match the album. The boxes are matched in size to the album and the thickness of the album. The boxes are available in all types of linen.

(20x20cm, silver embossing on Plain Linen. Colour: 59032 + Box with lid.)

Your future album is available in different sizes and 3 different templates: square, landscape and portrait albums.

When you have decided on the size and format and number of spreads (one spread equals two pages that can hold between 1 and 8 photo’s- you can count approximately 3/4 photo’s per spread), I will commence the layout of your album.

I will put my heart into making the perfect album for you, displaying your most precious memories.

(25x25cm, Natural Linen. Colour: NAT42040.)

Basic personalisation options:


Square 15x15 / 20x20/ 25x25 / 30x30 / 35x35 cm.

Landscape/Portrait 10x15 / 15x20 / 23x30 / 25x34 / 30x40 cm.


Together over 40 different colours in Linen and Velvet.

(Fine Art paper, 0.9mm thick, matte look & feel.)


I now make one-of-a-kind cover designs ideal for laser engraving. A laser will burn out the design on your chosen fabric for the true personalised experience.

(25x25cm, personalised cover design by utopia laser engraved on Velvet. Colour: Rose.)

Include yours.

When choosing your Wedding Photography Package, you can choose to directly include a Deluxe Wedding Album.

After order.

You can always decide to contact me after the honeymoon to custom order your Luxury Album.

Perfect gift.

Your family and friends would love to find the perfect gift for you to enjoy throughout all the years of your marriage. Let them contact me. We'll do all the work, you just sit back, enjoy your lune de miel and receive your memories once you get back home.

Get a personalised quote.

Because these albums are completely customisable you can decide how extravagant (or not) you want to make this.

An album that you would look into with your entire (growing) family for years to come, and beyond, is priceless. This would make the perfect gift!

Depending on size, number of spreads and extra options, prices will vary. 

Go for a minimalistic album or say yes to a big one with all the luxurious extra’s.

are you a previous client, thinking about your upcoming wedding, or maybe a family member who wants to give the best wedding gift you can get?

(15x15cm, Velvet. Colour: Forest.)

(23x30cm, silver embossing on Coated Linen. Colour: Champagne.)