In between lockdowns.

Rabea & Kavi got married in the spring of '21. Weddings were still very restricted, and so they had a small union with their closest friends and family.

And a little baby hidden away!

First look on the tram tracks.

As the bride and groom got ready at home, in their 5th floor apartment, I needed to be quick on my feet to find a suitable place for their first look. One big enough for their guests to be present, and light enough for me to be able to capture the moment.

Finally, we managed to organize this moment on the trams tracks in front of their home.

THAT'S planning a wedding!

Brussels' grand place.

The most famous place to get married in Brussels, is on one of the most beautiful squares in the world: La Grande Place.

There are two ways to make your way up the wedding hall. And if you ask me, it's totally worth it to opt for the grand staircase and grab a picture moment on the balcony.

Walk in the park.

A short photo moment, just them two-and-a-baby.

It was in the middle of the day, sun shining bright. Not the ideal moment to take wedding portraits. That's why we looked for some shade underneath the trees in a park.


Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for: Champagne.

After a quick detour for the pictures, we headed back to their home to cut the cake.

During the pandemic, I haven't photographed any big weddings. But the smaller one definitely do merit these forever-memories as well.