Cover photo by Jeroen Noordzij.

For wardrobe example purposes only. All photo credits go to Jeroen Noordzij.

Preparing for your autumn or winter photo session at the beach.

Do you want to know which fabrics and styles photograph well?

Keep on reading for your photographers' wardrobe tips.

Location & Weather appropriate.

Be sure to be comfortable and dress for the weather.

Wear boots you can wear in the sand, such as leather timberlands, fashionable hiking boots or go bare feet.

Wear several layers, to be sure you will not be cold during the unpredictable fall season.

Color palette.

Natural colors do great at the beach.

Pick colors from your wardrobe you would find in the landscape too. Whites, grays, beige, browns, soft greens and faded blues. Nothing too flashy.

In the mood board below, you will find plenty of ideas.


During the colder season, there are a lot of beautiful fabrics that photograph well. Think "texture", then mix and match!

Suede, tweed, velvet, wool and cable knit sweaters.

Accessorize. Add that little extra.

There are plenty of ways to dress casual, but still look super stylish.

Wear different layers, add a hat, sunglasses or a belt to add an extra touch.