Janica & Steve

They have been together for over ten years, and known each other even way longer than that.

Through tutoring lessons, they met when they were only thirteen. But the flame awakened when they saw each other years later at a party of a mutual friend.

It was summer, and they started to hang out at the beach, exchange flirtatious smiles and flirt uncontrollably.

One evening, they took a stroll down their favorite beach and poured their hearts out to each other. They decided to be together and never looked back.

"They exchanged flirtatious smiles and flirt uncontrollably."

It was Janica who first contacted me via Instagram.

Her smile and positive attitude resonate through her messages, and I felt immediately drawn to her enthusiasm. There was no denying that we clicked also.

So we decided to meet at Dwejra bay, that used to be known for its famous natural limestone arch or “Azure Window”. The arch collapsed in 2017, but the bay is still just as magical. 


The time of our meeting was perfect to get the first few shots in whilst Janica & Steve got accustomed to the camera’s and my presence in their little love bubble. The first photographs are, lovely, but mostly a little warm up for what’s coming. That’s why, when the light gets softer, we move to a different location, and that’s when the magic starts to happen. 

Luckily, one of their favorite activities together is hiking. It's also one of the things I love to do with my husband.

Adventurous couples allow for adventurous locations. So as you can see in the second next picture, sometimes the shoes have to come off, to safely get from one location to the next.

Musical moments

While we took these photographs, and climbed from one rock to another, I played my self-composed playlist.

I always feel that it helps my couples close themselves up in their little love-bubble, feeling like they are the leading characters in a romantic movie. Plus, it helps draw attention away from the "click - click" of the camera, and become less self-aware.

The vows

Janica & Steve chose this intimate moment to exchange their vows. 

When I witness such an instant, I feel very privileged, but I always take a step back and use a narrower lens to be able to capture the expressions. I let them have their moment, but don't feel the need to hear their exact words.

Maybe they are reminiscing about the weekends he used to visit her in Dublin, when they had to endure the trials of a long-distance relationship. Maybe they are words about sharing breakfast in bed, or watching movies curled up under a blanket together with their cats.

Whatever has been said, I can only imagine they are the words of true love.

The waves crashing into the rocks beneath them, the sun setting over the sea, it was the perfect romantic movie moment. 

And I feel honored to be the one having immortalized this moment for them.

Janica about steve.

He is sweet, kind and too good.

He would help everything and everyone if he could. He is a gorgeous man, both inside and out. Furthermore, he motivates me to be better and do more. He is very put together, annoyingly so! - Compared to my more frazzled personality. But I do believe that because of that, we bring out the best in each other.

Steve about janica.

Janica is kind, beautiful, and has strong opinions. She makes me a better person and gives me a different perspective on things. Every day with her, I feel lucky that we are together.

She is my rock.

A little "behind the scenes" reel: