Early butterflies...

It might be because of my own international background, the languages I speak, or maybe I am just really lucky... But a lot of my wedding customers come from different countries and had to travel the world before finding each other thanks to some strike of faith. This is also the case with the Belgian Camille and Fred from Germany, who met in Budapest.

Camille & Fred are somewhat of my hipster dream: Super good-looking, living in Berlin, they share a love for analog photography, interior design, food, and music.

In Budapest, Fred walked over to Camille with a cheap can of warm beer he handed to her - and the rest is history.

(When it's your soulmate, the beer doesn't even have to be cold!)

The ceremony

Camille got dressed in her parents' home, which would also serve as the party station later that day.

This home is somewhere they can always turn to, and where they always feel welcome. The official ceremony took place in the cozy city hall of her hometown.

Fun & laughter!

Fred & Camille's good vibes and dynamic energy radiated throughout the day. From morning until the deep hours of the night, their laughter was something to appreciate and admired by everyone around. Their artistic souls were happy to take care of the decorations themselves. And the fun, adventurous side of them is easily beaming through the images.

Family time

Theirs was an intimate celebration. A selection of their closest friends and family traveled to the garden party in Wallonia, to be with Camille & Fred for their special day.

It was even their loved ones who provided the music for the afternoon. And when they played "Hotel California" on request, for Fred's departed father, even I teared up behind my camera.

Wild & free

The basic idea was, to sneak out from the dinner table to take some pictures in the Golden Hour light. But between the planned courses with the caterer, the speeches, and musical interludes provided by family members, this wasn't quite possible. Underlining the couples' free spirit, I decided to grab a bottle of champagne and two glasses for an evening session by flashlight.

Dance, dance, dance


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