What should I wear?

Do you have no clue on how to dress for your first photo session?

Do you want to know what photographs well?

What is not enough, and what is too much?

Keep on reading for your photographers' wardrobe tips.

First up, the ladies.

As a photographer I have taken part, and witnessed a LOT of shoots. And there is nothing I get more excited about then my customers going that extra mile to look absolutely stunning for their photo session.

What might seem like "too much" in front of your bedroom mirror, does not have that same effect in photographs.

This is not any given day. If you like to get your picture taken wearing a polyester T-shirt, black jeans and a pair of old shoes.. You have come to the wrong place!

You have invested money because you would like to have amazing pictures,.. I can only do my part, wondering how you can do yours?


Some fabrics just photograph so much better.

Think "texture":

Lace, linen, chiffon, silk, muslin..

And for the colder months:

Suede, tweed, velvet, wool and wool knit.

Some fabrics let the light through, which looks wonderful in photographs.

Flowy dresses

I love to capture movement, a flow dress can be played around with and photographs really well.

Location appropriate

This might be logical, but it's definitely worth mentioning. Please dress location- and weather appropriate outfits and footwear.

At the beach, light fabrics and colours work perfectly. Go barefoot or wear sandals.

In the city, cocktail dresses and high heels are lovely. Glam it up with some glitter and shiny fabrics like satin or choose for lace.

In a meadow or flower field think "Little House on the Prairie". Ha!

Long or knee length dresses and flat footwear are great. You don't want to ruin your stilettos in the grass!

Go the extra mile.

A bouquet of flowers from your local florist is a wonderful addition to your photo shoot. (Depending on your chosen wardrobe style, off course.) It's a prop you can play with, so you don't have to overthink about posing or "what do I do with my hands?" and if you choose the right colours, it will compliment your look.

Tip: ask to add a ribbon that will play with the wind as you move around.

And please, do not leave the plastic on!

Now, the men.

Ah, men.

I love you for trying so hard! ^_^ Don't worry, with these simple Do's and Dont's you'll be the best dressed on any occasion. But definitely during our photo session.


For you too:

Some fabrics just photograph so much better.

Think "texture":

Linen, real denim, suede, tweed, velvet, wool knit and leather.

A simple T-shirt lacks texture, and is not interesting to photograph. A linen shirt on the other hand, is a great option. As are leather or suede shoes, tweed jackets and knitted wool sweaters.

Dress up

I am not asking you to wear a three-piece suit.

But wearing layers is a great way to dress up without over-doing it.

Wearing a belt over your jeans and/or a jacket over your shirt adds a great touch.

Do not forget about the details:

Are you wearing any socks? Match them to your outfit.

Are you a casual guy? Add those great finishing touches like a boutonnière, a hat or nice sunglasses.


Shoes are a major part of a men's look.

Whether you are wearing leather brogues, suede boat shoes, sneakers or boots..

Give the choice of your footwear an extra thought.

If you are doing a photo session with your partner, see what he/she is wearing.

If she is wearing her silver, glittery stilettos.. Sneakers might not be the right option here.

The yes or no game


Denim photographs well, and they are both wearing it. The colours of their outfits go well together and are location appropriate.

Plus: she brought a hat!


Comfortable but styled looks for city shooting.

They have layered up, it creates interesting textures.


Location and weather appropriate.

Light fabrics for summer,

flowers for a bridal look.


They are both wearing similar colours and even though their style is very casual, their look is layered and well-thought-out.