The short wedding dress.

With the pandemic changing the world of weddings, elopements and smaller intimate weddings are becoming more popular.

This allows for the informal trend of the short wedding dress. And more often than not with a big puff sleeve, and a long train.

Satins & SilkS.

Both sexy and elegant at the same time; Simplicity is key in this trend that is countering the puff sleeves and the long veils.

The long sleeve versions are great for your church weddings or autumn and winter weddings, while you'd look sexy & sophisticated in strapless or short sleeves.


Opposite to the very comfortable setting or silk gown, there is the corset trend. It might be a little less comfortable, but it is perfect for accentuating your waist.

Also, this trend is the go-to for the modern bride who still dreams of her princess gown.

In 2022, preferably strapless, off the shoulder or with see-through sleeves.

The two-piece dress.

The two piece dress has been proven to be very popular in the past few years. This summer trend is not going anywhere.

Accessories & Styling

As for the styling, hairstyles will be simple and elegant, but the hairpieces will be more outspoken.

Wondering what shoes to get for your wedding look? Nude, silver and sparkly are the popular options for the coming season. Going for white? Then opt for white pearls, ruffles or a banging bow!

As for make-up trends, nude will still be in style, but do not hesitate to make a statement with a red lip. Especially is your gown is simple and elegant.


As for flowers, either go bold, or go for a very elegant, monochromatic bouquet.

Soon... Upcoming trends for our Grooms.