I love weddings. Duh;

Being a photographer, concentrating a big part of the year on documenting weddings - it may be obvious that I like weddings.. But why?

The sheer fact that you are here, and might be getting married too, proves that you love these mushy events also. But not every photographer likes to document your day. Some prefer to photograph food or buildings.


And here is everything I love to see on your wedding day.

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Old timers and vintage cars.

Anyone who knows me (or has read my bio) knows that I am a sucker for everything dating from the "good old days". They just don't make 'em like that anymore.


Wild flowers.

Women like flowers. And I'd choose a messy bouquet with poppy's and daisies any time!

There's just such passion to find between the wild flowers.

Floral decorations.

Talking about flowers..

It's perfectly possible to decorate your venue with fresh flowers on a budget. Opt for the less expensive flowers and use old vases, glass containers and broken china to display them in.

Textured dresses.

Brides.. I love you.

You are the star of my day. Lace, feathers, embroidery, tule..

Bring it on!

It photographs so well and is so romantic and feminine.

The stuff dreams are made of.

Featured; Local Belgian Designer Valentine Avoh.

Stylish groom.

I don't like to generalise - but most men don't like the hassle the bells or the whistles that come with a wedding day. But hey! It's your day too!

And I love a groom that makes an effort. If there's one day in your life you can go and splurge a little on your attire - it's got to be your wedding day. (On any budget.) Am I right?

I'm right.

Festive exits.

Flower petals, soap bubbles, fire works.. You name it.

It makes for the most spectacular photo's - and very happy faces!

Fairy tales.

And fairy lights!

Make it personal. Style your wedding to your own wishes. The more I get to see you in the details of your day, the happier I am.

Gorgeous tables.

You may not know this about me.. But I have worked in bars and restaurants for many years. (Being a so called "mixologist" - I just make good drinks, I say. And strong ones!) These experiences in my life have left a big footprint- and I still have a weakness for beautifully styled dinner tables.


Well, animals in general. But bring your dog to your ceremony, and I'm sold!

Great locations.

Venues and shooting locations.. Whether it's outside on top of a cliff, in a forest, on top of a mountain or in your backyard.. Or you have found the perfect indoor location at your local restaurant, abandoned factory or fairytale castle..


This is your day. Too many live with their guards up.. For today: let them down.

Sing on the top of your lungs, dance like there is no tomorrow - basically, just have a lot of genuine fun with the people you love the most in the whole wide world.

Getting to know you.

A part of what I do is getting to know you better, so I can capture you as you truly are.

I call, video chat, meet up and have drinks. Real ones. With alcohol. (If that's your thing - like mine. I repeat: mixologist.)

But I also shoot engagement pictures. And this really helps!

I notice a big difference on the wedding day, with those who have done a shoot with me before. They know my methods, my style. And they're just more comfortable with me being around, plain simple as that. Let us meet, I promise - it's a lot of fun.

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