COVID - We needed to alter our plans and now we can only do a city hall wedding!

My Mini Wedding Package includes 6 hours of coverage. This goes by faster then you think! I'll start photographing the morning preparations for the both of you, and take beautiful Solo Portraits before heading to city Hall together.
After the ceremony, there's time for your bride & groom's session, group photo's and for the drinks/meal planned with your closest family. ♥︎

If you really have nothing else planned after the signatures - let me know in the contact page to see if an altered package is an option for you.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes. I have had the honor to photograph weddings in Paris and the French Provence. I love to travel and have actually spent eight years of my life traveling around the world. I have acquired all the skills to be perfectly comfortable and adaptable in any place in the world.
I would absolutely love to photograph you and your other half in breathtaking landscapes.
Please contact me if you are getting married somewhere exciting! Of course, we will talk about an interesting deal, but please keep in mind that my work routine and labor hours will be the same, whether I shoot your wedding in Belgium or in Ibiza.
I still need to pay my rent and bills.
So let's talk and figure out a deal that is beneficial to us all.

I feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera, just so you know..

I hear this all the time! But do not worry. Most people are unexperienced in front of a camera. You definitely do not have to be a professional model to have pictures taken. Pictures you can show your friends and family with all the pride in the world saying "That's me! Isn't that a great picture?"

Let's get to know each other a little bit so you know who I am, and I can explain the way I work.
I let you be yourself completely during any kind of shoot and take the distance and attitude needed to make the real you pop-up on my photographs. I am here to capture a story, so no uncomfortable posing!

Why should I choose you over any other photographer?

Choosing your photographer is very personal.
First of all, choose your photographer for the style, look and feel of their images.
Second of all, choose your photographer for their personality.
Do you like what you see about them, on their website and social media? You need to feel comfortable around this person. (Especially if this person is going to be around you all day on the day of your wedding.)
You can book a photographer because he/she is cheaper or maybe more experienced. If you are not dreaming away at their work- it's not the photographer for you.
And last but not least, your budget. But experience has tought me (as photographer but also as a bride) if you set your budget too low and you cannot find anyone you like in your price range- give your budget a second thought. Why is everyone you like more expensive? And should you reconsider your priorities?
The photographer budget is generally underestimated.
For a wedding, this is not the thing you want to skim on. After you left the venue, ate the cake and checked out of your hotel, all that is left are the photo's.
So to answer your question: Choose me if it feels right. The most important thing is for you to feel good and enjoy your photo's for the rest of your lives.

Can I extend the session on the day of my wedding?

Of course you can! This will require an additional hourly fee. Payment is required before delivery of your gallery.

If you hesitate between two wedding packages, please let me know and we'll go over the timeline of your wedding day together.

Do you photograph small weddings?

I love small weddings and elopements! In my opinion, small, intimate weddings radiate so much personal style and your personalities shine!

I ask to book a minimum of six hours, to be certain I'll be able to cover your wedding story. I like to honor your day and have enough time to do so.

Do you have a studio for my portrait session?

No. I like to tell stories through my photo's. Therefore, I prefer to use real-life backgrounds. This can be your home, your city, a beautiful field of wildflowers.. We can discuss the options and come up with the perfect fit.

Do you make photo albums?

Yes! In my deluxe wedding package there is a wedding album included. Or, you add-on to any other package, or you can order with me after your wedding.
I work with a professional album maker, where I send the layout design I made with your wedding photo's. They print and hand-bind your album and send it to me, so I can hand it to you. This process takes several weeks to a few months (depending on our communication and whether it is the busy time of year. I mostly design the albums in the winter), but you'll have your digital files to enjoy while you wait for your quality, hand made album.
TIP: Add an album to your gift registry. Your guests would be delighted to give the best gift ever!

Do you make wedding video's?

I can recommend several wedding videographers.
*We each have our own rates and availabilities.

How long in advance should I reserve my wedding date?

If you are getting married on a Saturday, the sooner the better. Once you have payed your deposit, your date is officially booked. I recommend to book at least 9 months in advance.
In any case, just send me a message to know if I am still available on your wedding date. I'd be happy to check my availability.

I need to cancel my portrait session, what happens?

I request to pay a deposit for every session. This is to ensure a binding commitment from both parties. (We both blocked time for each other in our busy schedule.)
If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel, you can reschedule your session without a problem- but not get a refund of your deposit. Depending on how short before the session you cancel, I may ask you for a supplementary booking fee.
This is not to be corporate, but because I am losing money as I cannot book anyone else in that time-frame at such short notice.
° Please read over my General Terms and Conditions I will send to you upon booking.

Do you do "Boudoir" sessions?

Yes and No. If you are looking to do very sexual images. I am probably not the person you are looking for. But I can use my regular style and photographic eye to create sensual images focusing on either fragility or female empowerment.