Information Mini Sessions


By tram you can easily get very close to our meeting place.

From Blankenberge Station, take the coastal tram in the direction of Knokke. Get off at station Blankeberge Duinse Polders.

Pedestrian path

Opposite the tram station is the entrance to the dune area. 

8 minutes

Turn right on the walking path, toward walking node 39. 

It is an eight-minute walk from the tram station.


The Coordinates of the location are 51.323561, 3.157246

you can enter these into Google Maps, if necessary.

When you arrive at the wooden platform, you may take a seat there and wait for me to finish with the previous clients. 

Please try to disrupt someone else's session as little as possible.


Parking is also available at the tram station. 

For more information on Parking in Blankenberge click here.



I myself will be at the same location taking photos both Saturday and Sunday, from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.
With my cameras and my baby belly. A few splashes, or some drizzle, will not scare us off. Especially if it only lasts a little while.

If it gets really crazy, and I have to call you guys off? (Believe me, I would really regret that!) Then I will postpone the sessions.

I will then pick two other days, one of which you may choose for your mini session.


Have to cancel? Unfortunately, due to the nature of mini-sessions, these sessions are non-refundable. However, you can always gift or sell your spot to a friend or family member.


I have allocated 10 minutes for transitions between each shoot. If you are running late, we will try to capture as much as possible within your allotted time, but out of respect for subsequent clients, each session ends at the scheduled time. I recommend arriving 10 minutes early to make sure everyone is ready for the shoot.


I am still working on the last weddings and love sessions of the year, which are still a priority.
After that, I will start working on the mini sessions as soon as possible.
I work in chronological order, so the Saturday sessions will be delivered earlier than the Sunday sessions.
You can count on the sessions being delivered in late November, early December. In time to use the photos for personalized Christmas cards!


There are a few key things you can do to make sure you experience a relaxing, fun mini-session...

Manage your expectations. 

The reality that everything may not align perfectly on the day of, is quite big. So communicate with your family/partner/yourself what you hope to get out of this quick 30-minute photo shoot. 

Kids may cry, the wind may flatten your hair completely, your partner may not feel like posing.... We're going to make the most of these 30 minutes. But it's only 30 minutes. A fraction of the time of a regular session. 

Plan your outfits in advance. More importantly, try them all on and have someone take a picture with your phone to see if everything looks the way you want it to. 

Make sure you have everything you need ready, the night before your session. Nothing ruins your mood more than being stressed before your shoot. 

Moms...get ready before everyone else. You all have the best intentions to make sure everyone is ready on time, but it always ends up with barely any time for yourself. So make sure you are 90% ready before you help anyone else. This is your time to shine also!

Adjust nap/snack times. Try to get your little one ready for a successful shoot by making sure they are well-fed and have slept before your shoot.

Arrive 10 minutes before your shoot to ensure we start right on time.

Even more relaxation? Make it a fun day, including a walk on the beach and an ice cream/waffle/warm chocolate!


Mariska discovered her passion for photography while traveling around the world. However, she did not have much patience for nature and landscape photography. 

The spark for photography lit up from the moment she started taking portraits. From pausing street pavers in New York's Meatpacking district to indigenous tribes in the mountains of Vietnam. 

Once back in Europe, she decided to turn her passion into her work. Since then, she has been photographing portraits, weddings and love stories in Belgium.

Her interest in old music, vintage clothing and analog cameras have increasingly influenced her work over the years. 

Her photographs are romantic, spontaneous and personal. They clearly tell a story, with a heavy dose of old-world magic.