The quick guide to using Pinterest for planning a photo shoot.

September 11, 2018

A photo session is not just about meeting up with a model and pushing that shutter release button a couple of hundred times.

It's about creating an image and atmosphere that would not have been there if it weren't for the creator.




In this quick read I would like to show you how you can create exactly that without spending a buck! The only thing I invested in creating these images is my time.


Style, mood and location:


I like to get inspired by the model that will be collaborating with me, and for this one I worked with Eyra. When I looked at her photo's on instagram I thought about a classic Parisian/French look, with her light skin tones, dark hair and soft expressions.

It all snowballs from there. 


Days started to feel chillier and the hot days of summer seemed to be over, soon the leaves will turn brown and short sleeves won't do anymore. So I opted for an "end of the season" theme. Or how I called this session: "Seasons don't fear the reaper." Like the haunting 1976 Blue Oyster Cult song.




Style: What will my model be wearing? In this case: Long trousers, long sleeves and earthy tones. Maybe a knit sweater or an accessory? Knowing that this is a zero-budget production, it all depends on what is available to you, and in this case that is my models' wardrobe. So I like to be clear on what style I like to see her in, but leave her enough choice so she has at least on of these outfits.


Mood: I didn't want the commercial-looking broad smiles but more melancholic or pensive looks. She could be thinking about anything really, that happened this summer, and the viewer can only guess. 


Location: I'm back at the French theme and I needed a cobblestone alley with warm tones, we could be in a Paris arrondissement or small Provencal village.


Now let's make a mood board!


I like to use Pinterest, so I can easily add on and share my board with the model in question.



You can see that I have a fourth section on this mood-board: HMU or: Hair and Make-Up. This is a great section if I am working with a Hair and Make-Up Artist, but for "Seasons don't fear the Reaper" I wasn't. And so I kept it as natural as possible, so Eyra could apply the look herself.


(Click here for a link to the Pinterest page and take a better look.)







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