Film III

November 30, 2018




Film photography makes me reflect on life.

On one roll of film there are so many imperfections and definitely some bad surprises. It's just like life.

But it's those great moments, the good surprises, that make the process all worthwhile. 




"I love the materiality and imperfection of analogue photography which stands in direct contrast with the digital ephemeral and its easily erased nature. I'm imperfect as my film photo." 

Valeria Dellisanti





These photographs really show how one can be disappointing and the next so poetic. 






"I used to get so bummed on myself when I'd have a whole roll of mundane photos that lack originality and depth or "a concept" but the physical act of entering my point of view in the world and physically clicking a button will always be the most therapeutic thing for me and I am grateful for it."

- Lindsay Emert. 




Focusing on Penelope. 






Mon quartier Flagey.




No place is boring if you have had a good night's sleep and a camera full of unexposed film.






Camera: Minolta SRT 100x

Film: Fomapan200

Location: Brussels.



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ⓒ 2019 Mariska Broersma.

Brussels, Belgium.