Photographing strangers in the streets.

January 30, 2019

If you are reading this, then maybe you have seen my first -ever!! Youtube video and you wanted to take a better look at the street portraits I took.


I had a loads of fun while shooting this video. A premiere for me. I might seem a bit awkward on camera sometimes, but that's ok. Because I am awkward 24/7 in real life. 


This video gives you a bit of an insight on how I go about when I go on a portrait-hunt around the city. Mostly every time (and this time was no exception) I need to get into it, and people might be hesitant to get their picture taken. And that's probably because I come across a bit hesitant too. 

But a few minutes in, and once I photographed my first victim, I am all for it and I don't get any "no"s. Well, mostly. 


If you have not seen the video, here it is!


 Here are some of the portraits from that gorgeous sunny day. 


















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ⓒ 2019 Mariska Broersma.

Brussels, Belgium.