The cutest surprise wedding proposal in the heart of Gent.

September 5, 2019

A lot of planning goes into a surprise proposal, and sometimes unforeseen problems might get in the way of that perfect shot.


Eric and I had been emailing back-and-forth for quite some time, about how he would propose to his true love, Katrina. I always make sure to get there ahead of time and I was in the exact right spot, next to the Sint Michiel's bridge, at least thirty minutes before meeting time. 


My heart skipped a beat when I heard clapping from on top of the bridge and when I looked over, saw a man on his knees, putting a ring on a woman's finger. 


It wasn't Eric. 

(Can you imagine!)


Then ten minutes before go-time, a tour group stopped right where I wanted E&K to be. I had the shot framed for a while now, and these people were just standing there! I let Eric know that he might have to steal some time, and I would let him know when they were gone.

But that's not an easy task, and women are intuitive!


On, what was supposed to be, the moment suprème, I looked up and saw Eric and Katrina taking pictures on the bridge. Eric and I looked at each other and I wasn't sure about who of us was more nervous.

Ok, probably him. But they were headed my way and the twenty-or-so people were still blocking the view! I was sure I had to settle for plan-B and choose an other angle when the group started moving, and in a matter of seconds they were gone. 

Just in time!



Everything worked out perfectly, after the proper amount of stress, and I love Katrina's reaction to Eric's proposal.


Eric's family was there to witness their engagement and after a few hugs and kisses the three of us went for a walk to capture this new stage in their lives.



We planned the magical moment just at the start of golden hour, so we'd had another hour or so to stroll through the city center and capture these happy faces. Also, I was able to show them some new places and recommend a few bars and terraces. Because, hey, they really have a reason to pop open the champagne now!



There has to be a "ring" shot. I always like to get that one explicit ring photo for them to share to their social media on the same day. Like this, they can share the news with a great photo while waiting for the rest of them. 



If you'd like to propose with me as your photographer, just send me a quick message, we'll figure out a fantastic way to do it!


All photo's edited with the Utopia Photo Vintage preset collection, available online.


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ⓒ 2019 Mariska Broersma.

Brussels, Belgium.