My favorite mobile editing apps!

March 28, 2019

Editing is key as a professional photographer. It is going the extra mile and adds this certain "je ne sais quoi" to the pictures you will be sharing to your paying customers.


But paying a big pile of money or a monthly smaller pile of money for professional photo-editing programs such as Photoshop or Lightroom is not always the best solution for an amateur photographer or an instagram fanatic.


That's why I will be sharing my most used mobile editing apps:




Let's start with VSCO,

a partially free editing tool with loads of pretty filters!

The free version let's you use a small amount of filters, the basic editing tools such as "exposure", "cropping" and "white balance"and the "Discover" tab in which you can see what other users have been editing.

I do not have the Full version of the app, although it can be interesting for some:

First of all you get to use the full presets-library which has over a 130 presets, and advanced editing tools. As I am using Lightroom on my Desktop, I don't think it necessary for me to pay for these options.

Also, and this might be cool, you can create vintage film looks and edit video's.


How I use VSCO:

I use VSCO to create a cohesive look on my personal Instagram account (@freecarnation) by applying the same two filters to each photo: The "M3" and the "M5".



Then there's aColorStory: a, as the name of the app suggests, colourful app, with a million possibilities. Created by sisters Emma and Elsie, two lady bloggers whom I have been following for years. The app is free to download and has in-app purchases if you like to have more filters and effects such as film-like textures or light leaks. 


I love how often the sisters collaborate with other great bloggers and photographers to create new preset-packs. Like this you can find the perfect fit for your photo's. You can buy a filter pack, like the "vintage" collection, for €1,09 and it includes 9 filters. Or "I am" (8filters) for €3,49.

Or, and this is a great feature if you want to save some money, you can edit your photo and save your edits to use later on an other picture.


Oh, and you can plan your instagram feed with the Grid option!


How I use the app: 

Before VSCO, I used a Color Story to plan and edit my @freecarnation feed. And as the warmer months are approaching I am actually am thinking about switching back for the summer. Get a little bit more Color back into my feed.


Here's an example of what my instagram looked like before and after the use of this app: 


At the moment I am still using the app for some of the features I find in there, that are hard to find in other editing apps. Such as the square cropping with white borders that I use for my third account, (I know, it's a bit much but they all have their own purpose! haha) and mirroring certain images and adding textured filters.





About Lightroom: Lightroom is created by Adobe, just as the famous "photoshop". It is mainly a desktop program that is used to edit High Definition and RAW photography. It is not a cheap option, but if you are a photographer or you are already using Lightroom on desktop, this is a great option.



How I use the app:

I will not get into all the details of this more complicated (but complete) app, but to me it is very easy to quick-edit a photo with one of the filters I have created- and send a little teaser to my clients- while they are waiting for the HD version. 





Digital Film is an app from the mind of another power woman: Julia Trotti. An Aussi portrait photographer and YouTuber, who's video's inspire me to work on myself as a photographer with behind the scenes video's and helpful tips. 


Earlier this year she launched her mobile editing app: Digital Film. Just like many other apps it works with standard filters that you can adjust yourself as you go. These filters are inspired by the Lightroom filters she uses for her own work and sells on her website. 


Compared to some other apps I have recommended to you it is a little incomplete still, as it is brand new, do not forget. But it has great potential. 

I already love the fact that you can use the grid to plan your Instagram feed and the fact that the app is very easy to use. 


Also Julia has an easthatic that I love and is comparable to the kind of edits I do myself for my professional work. Only, she does it better! Haha. 


How I use the app: 

I use Digital Film to quick-edit photo's that are straight out of my camera, so I can share a little preview of the work on my instagram stories, when I am too excited to wait. 


The filter I have used most so far? Mountains.


And then, Preview. Basically Preview is an app you can use to plan your instagram feed, which is really handy if you want your top 9 to pop! There's also the option to add filters to your phot's if you like things simple and all-in-one. 

The app is easy to use, you can drag and drop or swap pictures. Just keep on swapping until you like what you see!

You can also plan your captions and hashtags in one place. 


How I use the app:

What I have discovered though, is that if you upload directly onto instagram from the app, there is a significant loss of quality. So I like to plan one or two pictures in advance, write the caption and hashtags, but then copy everything unto instagram. 







I hope you found this article useful and you will check these wonderful apps. 

Let me know about apps I might not have discovered yet in the comments below. 





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