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Maison Marie Duval

Pouchka started her career in the film industry as a camera assistant. Thanks to her presence in that industry, she discovered a passion for hair and makeup. She keeps herself constantly motivated to learn new techniques, ranging from special hairstyles to prosthetic makeup.
Apart from photo shoots, she also loves doing bridal styling!
Her favourite bridal looks are inspired by the red carpet of Hollywood's "Golden Age": classic elegance, luscious curls and waves, soft skin tones and radiant eyes.

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Atelier morgane Steygers

Morgane's artistic reflections are guided by her training as a stage designer.
But it is above all her sensitivity, her innate sense of color, her vision of space, her taste for the association of textures and her love of nature that give her compositions their personality.
Not only is Morgane available to compose your wedding bouquet & hair-accessories, she would be delighted to decorate your venue from floor to ceiling.

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Bridal atelier in the heart of Ghent where bespoke clothing is manufactured according to the old French haute couture techniques. Laurence Beyaert, the woman behind the brand, only works with natural fabrics (mainly silk) and uses an extremely fine finishing. The result is a unique dress made to the wishes and identity of the client.

She is inspired by unique, personal stories that she translates with needle and thread.
This for the modern bride who values personality and authenticity.

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Abbaye de Nizelles

A former Cistercian abbey located in a bucolic and authentic setting at the gates of Brussels and in the immediate vicinity of the main traffic routes.
Composed of 6 different spaces you will benefit from all of them for your greatest comfort.

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Chalet Robinson

Many inhabitants of Brussels tell that after getting lost in the immense wood of the Cambre, a boat and its captain appear on the water of the lake. In the mist, this charming gentleman holds out his hand to you. In exchange for a coin, he takes you to a green island where the Chalet Robinson is located.

In the middle of the woods, lies the perfect event venue. At the same time modern and in the heart of nature, your wedding will be unforgettable. Every detail is important to make the magic happen!

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Valentine Avoh

Valentine's atelier offers light, refined and playful wedding dresses in a Haute Couture spirit, combining surprising details and timeless cuts.

From the timeless glamour of Rita Hayworth to the mysterious sensuality of Marlene Dietrich, her universe is a mix of cinematographic and musical references. The songs of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald distill their charm in the creations signed Valentine Avoh.


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