You'd like your wedding to be captured in a genuine, authentic manner - respecting the natural flow of the day. Romantic images, film stills and emotions captured for eternity get your soul yearning and your heart pounding. You are not looking for the typical modern pictures that identify our time of Digital Photography. You seek to have photographs that are inspired by the golden days, that still stand the test of time - without renouncing image quantity.

You are looking for an awesome photographer with her own style and character, you have seen my work, and feel that my universe is fitting to yours. 

Is this you? I would be honoured to be part of your crazy day!

❧ I take your memories very seriously and I am so excited to integrate myself in your little group of loved ones. Also: I am always happy to dance with any of the dads or risk my life in a bouncy castle. (All for photography purposes of course :°)

Want to know more of what I love in weddings? READ ON; you may have found your match.