Embrace the power of emotions, dramatic lighting, and the beauty of nature as we weave a narrative that celebrates your unique love story.

For a long time, I found myself searching for the perfect words to encapsulate my unique photography style. It was a quest to express the essence of my images and what made them truly special. Then, one fateful day, I delved into the captivating world of art history, and like a burst of inspiration, a little light bulb flickered to life in my mind.

As I immersed myself in the study of Romanticism, I discovered an undeniable connection between this once-popular art movement and my own photography style. Allow me to share with you how my work relates to Romanticism and how this artistic movement continues to inspire and shape my approach.

BLACK AND WHITE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY IN GHENT on a rainy day, a bride and groom standing under an umbrella together

Embracing Emotion and Expression:

At the heart of Romanticism lies an unwavering celebration of raw emotions and the profound expressions of the human spirit. This sentiment holds true in my approach to capturing your most precious moments. With every click of the shutter, my aim is to immortalize the genuine emotions shared between you and your loved ones. I strive to freeze those instances of joy, tenderness, and passion. These images become more than just photographs; they are portals to relive the intensity of those emotions time and time again.

a bride and groom on their wedding day in gozo, malta. the brides is looking over her shoulder into the camera
a bride and groom exchange vows on a cliff in gozo, malta. They have a view of the sea and rocks, she is laughing
A bride tightly hugs her new husband on their wedding day in Ghent, Belgium.

The Allure of Dramatic Lighting:

In the world of Romanticism, lighting was a powerful tool used to create a sense of awe and mystery.

I take inspiration from this artistic movement, to add a touch of enchantment to your wedding photographs.

Depending on the conditions, I use soft, diffused lighting to create images with a dreamlike quality or, I experiment with shadows and highlights, crafting an ethereal atmosphere that mirrors the artistic vision found in Romantic paintings.

You understand, I do not shy away from that sunny day, where most photographers are so afraid of.

A newlywed couple are standing in an archway, facing away from the camera.
A bride and groom are standing together, in front of an all empty ceremony chairs at Abbaye de Nizelles in Wallonia
A bride curtseys in her flow, fairytale-like wedding gown. She is standing amidst trees and the light only hits her.

Nature's Serenade:

In Romanticism, nature played a pivotal role, symbolizing beauty, tranquillity, and spiritual connection.

Having travelled the world and experienced the awe-inspiring landscapes and architectural wonders it holds, I seek to incorporate elements of your wedding location into your wedding gallery. Whether this is a beautiful old city hall, or a ceremony in nature.

Dwejra Bay in Gozo, Malta, with a view of the sea and rocks. In the far distance walks a bride and groom.
Beautiful old city hall of Schaerbeek, Brussels. On the balcony a bride and groom.
Lake Bled, Slovenia. Emerging from the water is an island with a little church. In a little row boat, a bride and groom.
A newlywed couple pop a bottle of champagne under string lights in front of their wedding venue:  WOEST in Ghent.

Individuality and Intimacy:

Just as Romanticism celebrated the uniqueness of the individual, I am deeply passionate about capturing your authentic personalities and the intimate moments that make your love story truly one-of-a-kind.

By creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, I encourage you to express yourselves freely. This allows me to capture the authentic moments that reflect your distinctive style and deep connection. Your photographs become a testament to your individuality, telling a personalized narrative that resonates with your hearts.

A bride and groom kiss in their home, she is wearing a large hat so we do not se their faces
A couple on their wedding day in Gozo, Malta. They are standing on a rocky beach, the waves crash into the rocks.
A bride and groom are laughing and drinking champagne in front of a brick wall.

Elevating Emotions:

Incorporating the spirit of Romanticism, I use movement and atmospheric conditions to infuse emotion into your wedding photographs. By embracing gentle movements and atmospheric elements such as lighting and weather, I create a style that hints at the romantic ambiance of this influential art movement. Together, we'll craft images that evoke the depth and poetic grace of your love story.

A black and white image of a bride and groom having a romantic moment on a cliff in Gozo, Malta.
A bride and groom are walking in the rain together under one umbrella.
Lower half of a bride's body, crossing the street. She is walking and holding her bouquet of roses.

Let's make some magic together!

By embracing the spirit of Romanticism, my photography style aims to create images that not only captivate the eye, but also stir the soul. Through the emphasis on raw emotions, the allure of dramatic lighting, the beauty of nature, and the celebration of individuality, I strive to capture your wedding day in a way that transcends the present moment.