Veronica & Andrea

I cannot start this story without telling you how much fun I had biking around Brussels with these two.

Our planning did not allow for us to meet until only a few days before the wedding, when we saw each other at the Vertigo in Sablon for a drink. The unforced conversation and laughs we shared were only the beginning of our good times.

ST. Gilles

The bride got ready in their St. Gilles apartment, the groom was waiting for her on the steps of this beautiful city hall.

Both added some classic Italian touches to their looks. I gotta say, I am in love with their sense of style.

The photo shoot

After a short ceremony and some group pictures in front of city hall, we headed out for our big adventure:

In Italian on a cargo bike, carrying his new wife... Followed by a pregnant lady equipped with two camera's and a sound speaker on an electric bicycle. It was a sight to see!

We chose a small St. Gilles park for their wedding portraits.

Then it was time to join the family for champagne in "La Luck".