Dear Groomsmen & Bridesmaids,

this one is for you.

I have photographed the wedding or two... 😉

And often a few great traditions (that also photograph very well, and generate genuine, fun moments) get overlooked. This is because mostly due to the stress of planning.

No worries!

I am here to help you surprise your loved ones on their big day. So let's keep this one between us, OK?

Here is what you can do to help make their day all the more magical, and for them to end up with incredibly fun and spontaneous photos in their album.

Let's get started...

Concluding the ceremony.

Whether the bride & groom will exit a church, a town hall or just walk a straight line through the crowd...

Ending the official (or unofficial) ceremony is something to celebrate.

We all know the traditional throwing of rice, but today we have many other options.

Surprise your loved ones with an exit they won't soon forget and create a fun moment that is often my favourite one to photograph.

Flower petals

This is a great confetti option. You can either buy fresh petals at the florist, or dry your petals in advance. The dried and lighter petals will stay in the air longer but are easier to blow away in windy conditions.

+++ No plastic confetti, the planet thanks you!

Lavender: the new rice

Dried lavender can be bought online in bulk. It smells incredible, and like rice, the bride and groom will discover the tiny lavender in their clothes and hair for days to come!

Soap bubbles

The key to soap bubbles is: the more, the better.

Be sure that everyone has a little container to make bubbles, and if you can, arrange one or several bubble machines that can be bought at toy stores.

Be sure to do this only outside. Unless you want grandma to break a hip on the slippery dance floor.


Another environmental friendly option! (I wouldn't be me if I'd begged you to get plastic confetti and balloons.) This one is also very budget friendly as greenery often costs less than flowers.


Coloured smoke bombs have become very popular in the past years. It looks so incredibly cool, and it's fun to do! Be aware though, that these can stain clothes, especially white dresses!

So be sure you know your bride and groom very well, and find out if they'd be okay with this before opting for this very entertaining exit.

Fire works

So romantic!

This is great at nighttime and adds another fantastic photo opportunity as you can do this during the first dance instead of the ceremony exit.

Make sure there's enough for everyone, and please provide matches and lighters or ask everyone to bring a lighter, in order for everyone to be able to light up at the same time.

for more inspiration, check out my pinterest board:

Thank you,

for reading this little blog post, and considering an "exit strategy" to surprise the bride and groom on their special day.

Just a few last tips from me to you:

  • Make sure there is enough for all guest that will be present.
  • Let me (the photographer) know what you have planned, so I can prepare for this moment and make sure to get it just right.
  • When the moment comes, get all guests ready on both sides. Don't spread too far apart so that the confetti/rose petals,.. will hit their target.
  • Again, guests, don't spread too far apart; we want you in the picture too!
  • Don't let everyone throw at the same time. Only there, where the couple walks, so the moment will last longer. Also, if there's some left once they get to the end of the line… Just keep throwing it at them, it makes for fun photos!

I am looking forward to meeting you at the wedding.

Thank you for keeping in contact.

Love, Mariska.

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